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Student Connection & Support Group

With all the changes the pandemic brought to students these last 3 years, there have been records of high anxiety, feelings of isolation and loneliness, and difficulty creating meaningful relationships. This 5-week in-person group aims to tackle those 3 areas, through providing psychoeducation on anxiety, relationships, and communication in a space with others who may be feeling the same way.

WHEN: TBD *if interested, please email us*

WHERE: At our office - 69 Bridgeport Rd E, Waterloo

WHO: The group will be facilitated by Ivonne Hammoud, MSW, RSW, and MSW Interns

INVESTMENT: $45/week ($225 total)

Discounts may be offered to those already working with someone at NMC

Introductions & Emotion Regulation

We discuss what brought you to this group, hopes and goals for the group. We introduce everyone to each other, and discuss any emotions you and other may be feeling about starting this group, which helps us start our discussion on emotions and regulating our emotions.


Anxiety & Stress

We discussed and learn the differences and similarities between anxiety and stress, and how they show up in our body, thoughts and impact other emotions. We learn coping strategies, and understanding where our anxities may be coming from.


Relationships & Communication

We will discuss relationships - familial, friendships and romantic relationships and how we can communicate our needs best. We reflect on what our needs are and how external stressors, such as school, can impact our relationships with others.



We will go over what boundaries are, understanding the emotions that can come from setting boundaries, and create boundaries together.


Moving forward & concluding the group

We will reflect on what we have learned together, and how we will use these tools moving forward.

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