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I am a registered psychotherapist who cares a lot about helping individuals and couples find their way to greater wellbeing when facing life's challenges. Whether you're dealing with relationship issues, anxiety, depression, OCD, ADHD, grief, or just trying to manage everyday ups and downs, I'm here to offer support.


My approach is first and foremost, client-centred. That means I believe the people I work with know their lives best, but sometimes, the right kind of support and another perspective can make a meaningful difference. I blend techniques from different approaches to therapy, including emotionally-focused (EFT), cognitive behavioural (CBT), mindfulness, acceptance and commitment (ACT) and solution-focused therapy, in order to find ways of working with my clients that work best for them.


I believe Carl Rogers was right when he talked about accepting ourselves as we are being a necessary part of living well and growing as people. I also believe that learning how to accept circumstances we can’t change can benefit us all when we face difficulties.


Away from my work as a therapist, I love spending time with my family, exploring the outdoors, relaxing with comic books and video games, and learning about lots of different topics like science, philosophy, and language. I am also an avid musician and even majored in Jazz performance and composition in college back before becoming a therapist.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Client Populations Seen: Adults and Couples

Offering both in-person and virtual appointments.

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