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Understandably, difficult emotional and physical experiences (including trauma) can’t always be fully resolved within a given timeframe, but it’s possible to give children and young adults the resources they need to effectively deal with the sensations that are directly related to their experiences. Bullying, anger, identity related challenges, transitional independence, peer relationships and overall confusion are just some of the many experiences your teen may be going through we strive to create a comforting, open, and non-judgmental safe space where your child can freely express themselves. Even if they don’t necessarily feel like talking right away (which is perfectly understandable), we offer space to help them understand and communicate their emotions and experiences effectively. We believe that with the right support system, your child’s experienced challenges become more manageable, thus leading to an even stronger bond and relationship.

Issues that come up most often in Child & Teen Counselling:

  • Friendships

  • School concerns

  • Anxiety

  • Emotion Regulation

  • Behavioural Concerns

  • Family Dynamics

  • Depression

  • Substance Use 

  • Love and sex

  • Grief and loss

  • Academic Issues

  • Coping Strategies

Often times, the parents are expected to participate in therapy with children, however the age of consent is 12 and a client can decline parental involvement, although it is encouraged. For example, a teen or adult child in Individual Counselling, can then schedule a Family Counselling session with the parent to work through their concerns together, or to bring a family ally to help with coping strategies. With the consent of the client, the therapist is also able to see the parents/guardians to offer tools to support the client.

To create a safe space for your child and protect their confidentiality, we do not treat children for custody disputes or provide access report/parenting plans.

If you feel you'd like to book your child for therapy, or you are a teen looking for support, click the button below to schedule a free consultation.

Therapists Offering Child/Teen Therapy

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