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New Mom Support Group

This 5 week group is designed to be a safe space for new mothers to share their emotions, struggles, and frustrations about their new role. In this group we will be learning about postpartum anxiety and depression, how to make friends as a new mom, how to set boundaries with family members, and reconnecting with your partner in this new role.



WHO: This group will be facilitated by Ivonne Hammoud MSW, RSW and some special guests


This group is under development, if you are interested in this group, please let us know below and we can add you to the waitlist.

Introductions and real talk about motherhood

We will start off with introductions, and speaking about the myths and facs of motherhood, what we hear and what we experience and the grief that can come with that.


Postpartum Anxiety & Depression

We discuss and share symptoms to look out for regarding postpartum anxiety and depression; along with some coping tools and resources to support these thoughts and emotions.


Boundary Setting with Family

A new baby can bring a lot of changes and expectations from the extended family. We talk all things boundaries and how we can set boundaries with our in-laws, partner, family and strangers.


How do I make friends now?

We will discuss the shift in friendships that can happen when we have a baby, and figuring out where we can connect with other mothers, and create new lasting friendships.


Reconnecting with self and partner

We know that a new baby creates changes in yourself and your relationship. We talk about how we can reconnect with ourselves, after all we are more than just mothers. We also discuss how to connect with our partner in these new roles, and find pleasure again.

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